Sunday, January 1, 2017

Pat Taught Piano

Pat taught piano for most of her life in addition to teaching college and raising four children.
I remember many summer days when I would be out working in the front yard and her students would come and go. I know when she could no longer play at two churches on Sundays that she became very depressed. I had bought her a nice keyboard to use at home in addition to her piano. I could not understand why she would not play the keyboard. It did just about everything. Eventually, I realized she could no longer read the music or play without countless mistakes.
Alzheimer's Disease robbed Patti of her ability to play piano at church, at the college nurses' pinning ceremonies, and at home. She never saw it coming, not at such an early age. She was only sixty-six when she passed away. You cannot even imagine the amount of music she collected over the years. I know she intended to continue playing at church, but she finally realized she simply could not do it any longer. I contribute that her reason for shutting down at the end. If she could not do the things she enjoyed, what was the purpose of going on. I do not think she intentionally gave up, but Shelby and I will quickly tell you that at the very end,   she faced death on her own terms, Or as we say it, "She did it her way." It does to mean that she did to love us. The thief that came into her life robbed her of her ability to think.

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