Sunday, January 1, 2017

Pat will miss Shelby's Graduation

Patti sat through until numbers of Graduations for her children, high school, college, and universities.

Shelby would have graduated a few weeks back, but her committee of professors failed to meet at the designated times, usually without notice.

As it is, Shelby is done with her Master's Degree Program and only needs to wait for the committee to meet so she can defend her papers, one about how the aborigines of Australia were treated, and the other an Autoethnography about her communication with Pat during the last couple of years and through the end of Pat's fight with Alzheimer's Disease.

I am sad that Pat could not have been here to see Shelby walk the stage, but I will hopefully still be here to stand in Pat's place.  So, once again, the thief has robbed Patti and her daughter who has worked so hard to obtain her degree while working in the Graduate Office at Texas Tech University where she oversees the addmitance of International Students.

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  1. Patti is and has been watching over Shelby throughout her studies and will do so during graduation. She will also be with you as you proudly watch your daughter graduate. Patti is always with both of you in your hearts 💕